K2 Athena provides an electronic Personal Health Record system spanning the whole of pregnancy, covering: Community Services and Remote Connectivity, Antenatal Hospital Services, Labour and Delivery Services, Postnatal Services, Support, CNST and Governance.

K2 INFANT-Guardian® is an intelligent system that offers comprehensive Risk Reduction Technology for Labour and Delivery, ensuring the capture of quality data to hospital and national guidelines, supporting clinicians in best practice so to reduce errors and poor birth outcomes.

K2 PTP (Perinatal Training Programme) is an interactive, online, e-learning tool, offering certification for fetal monitoring  and maternity crisis management, with a CTG training simulator, Competency Assessments and Learning Pathways, enabling tailored learning to improve core knowledge and test skills.

K2 Portal™ Touchscreen Bedside PC

K2 Portal™ is a superior medical panel touchscreen PC designed and manufactured by K2 Medical Systems for use within the most demanding clinical bedside environment. It is a certified medical device that combines with Microsoft Windows® embedded operating system for reliable and stable hosting of the K2 Guardian™, K2 INFANT™, and K2 Athena™ software products.

K2 Portal Touchscreen Bedside PC Device Running INFANT-Guardian
Customer Focus Group

    Dedicated to our customers

K2 value feedback highly, as well as both clinical and technical input into our development efforts.

If you are an existing client of K2, you can enhance your experience by becoming part of our continued Customer Focus Group. Led by our Customer Relationship Manager, Daniel Cooper, you will be able to assist from the front line as we develop our existing and future products

Working with Hospitals

    Project Management

From the very start, to the successful completion of your project, K2’s experienced Project Managers will guide you through every step of the implementation pathway to ensure a smooth evolution towards your goals and targets. Learn more...


Our years of experience within the healthcare setting enable us to ensure you achieve a seamless transition to your new system. With a detailed, systematic and targeted approach we guarantee to deliver full operational compliance in keeping with your hospital’s vision and requirements. Learn more...


To ensure full user acceptance, and successful change management, K2 offer a full training programme and on-site development. All personnel needs are identified to ensure any new system is user tempting, user rewarding and user empowering. Learn more...


Working closely with customers and stakeholders to ensure continued communication and understanding of the requirements and developmental needs, K2 are committed to ensuring continual, consistent and accessible support to all users. Learn more...


K2 are proud to maintain the highest levels in statutory and regulatory requirements and to have consistently achieved the top standards in international Quality Management and medical device standards. Learn more...