K2 P3 Portal BIOS Flash Process – Instructional Video

BIOS Flash Process   P3 Portal
BIOS Flash Process P3 Portal

Full, Step by Step Instructional Video, Detailing the BIOS Update Process on a P3 Portal

Download Supporting Document: SSS-050-001.01

Video Transcript

This is a quick tutorial, just showing how the BIOS within this Portal device can be updated. It’s ever so simple. It involves, essentially, booting the Portal from a USB key, which has everything on it, and to be able to do that, we need to remove this access cover at the back.

So, a 2mm hex key screwdriver is needed to remove these 2 M3 screws.

And then the cover comes away, revealing the 2 USB connectors. Either can be used for this.

The key that we provide just plugs into one of them.

At this point it’s probably easiest to drop the Portal into a stand, taking care not to nudge that key as we do so. Then apply power.

Whilst I do this, it’s worth mentioning that this procedure could be done with the power connected, providing it’s not booted.

And now we turn on the device.

And it’s a case of waiting. We can see here, the old version of the BIOS being shown and we go through this boot screen and you can see now that the process has internally started.

It gives you progress as we go, there are 80 blocks to be updated and then some further checks that are done and this procedure will take just under 3 minutes; around 2 and a half minutes.

So, here, we’re nearing the end of the blocks and there’s a few more checks that will be done. The display will very clearly tell us when the process is complete.

There we are. Once this message has appeared “BIOS successfully updated”, the process is over, so we can turn off the Portal, remove the USB key and the final thing to do will be to re-fit the access cover.

Probably don’t need to keep power applied at that point, although it really doesn’t matter.

I probably should have mentioned; there’s an O-ring seal under this access cover and, sometimes when these covers come off, the seal can nudge and move and you need to make sure it’s properly seated within the machining groove that takes it.

And that’s it. The Portal can be returned to service with the BIOS updated.

So we’ve finished the BIOS update and just turned the Portal around now so, when I reboot and look in the corner here, we should see the new version number which ends in 02, as opposed to 01.