K2 INFANT-Guardian® - CTG Interpretation & Clinical Data Capture

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K2 INFANT-Guardian is Making a Difference in Labour Wards Worldwide

Video Transcript

K2 INFANT-Guardian® aims to save clinicians time, whilst simultaneously improving standards of care.

This is achieved by functionality such as the calculation and automatic charting of Modified Early Warning Scores, and the addition of plans into its comprehensive electronic data capture suite.

New plans are triggered, or existing plans amended, according to the woman’s current circumstances and condition. New events, customised to each organisation’s guidelines, are then plotted on the timeline and clinicians are notified when each is due, helping to ensure critical events and observations are never missed.

K2 INFANT-Guardian®, developed with clinicians to provide the best possible care for women and their babies.

Learn more about INFANT-Guardian and how it could help your organisation save time, money and lives.


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