Daniel Cooper – K2 Customer Relationship Manager

Meet K2 Staff - Dan Cooper - Customer Relationship Manager
Meet K2 Staff - Dan Cooper - Customer Relationship Manager

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Video Transcript

Hi, my’s name’s Dan Cooper and I’m the Customer Relations Manager at K2.

My main responsibilities within K2 are to work with all of our Guardian & Athena Customers and to maintain a close working relationship. I work in collaboration with our customers to build user-driven modules that work for everyone.

I want to build a feeling of family between K2 and its customers and for us to learn together to overcome both future and present challenges.

I’ve now been with the company for over 5 years. I first started as a Clinical Designer and would work with the customers to understand their needs and their wants for their system to make sure they got the most out of it when they’re using in clinically.

I’m lucky that I get to see the difference that these systems make on a day to day basis.

Some staff are initially resistant to these changes, but once they start seeing the benefits, their attitudes change and it’s amazing to see what they get out of it. They get their information instantly, they spend less time doing admin and duplicating work and they get to spend more time focused on the woman, rather than their paperwork. And the woman is what really, truly matters.

I get to see the journey unfold, from beginning to end and I get to see the amazing staff that really make this happen.

If I can make their jobs easier, then that, for me, is the best reward in the world.

We’d love to work with you. If you want to get involved in our customer focus group, please get in contact with us today.