UHNM Celebrate 1st K2 Birthday for Athena™

It is hard to believe that it has already been one year since K2 and University Hospitals of North Midlands celebrated the successful implementation of K2 Athena™; the UK’s only fully paperless end-to-end maternity system.  One year on UHNM have fully embraced the system and K2 are delighted to hear that they marked this important milestone by hosting an Athena 1st birthday party. Staff were able to come together to enjoy some well-deserved down time to acknowledge the successes of the past year and recognise the comprehensive benefits Athena has brought.

Effortlessly capturing all patient notes across the entire pregnancy journey, from booking in the community through labour and delivery and postnatal care, Athena provides an innovative and clinically focussed approach to the collation and accessibility of electronic patient notes.  By interacting seamlessly with K2 Guardian™, and interfacing with other systems, Athena offers the complete management strategy for maternity, as well as supporting clinicians by increasing communication, oversight and promoting patient safety.  Meeting all internal and external demands such as Electronic and Personal Health Records, Maternity Services Data Set compliance, as well as supporting national care bundles and guidance, Athena offers an unsurpassed breadth of service and integration.

It has been a pleasure working with UHNM over the past year and K2 look forward to furthering the relationship together as they continue to develop and tailor their Athena system to encompass all local requirements and standards.  K2 are proud to be working alongside this dedicated team to provide pioneering solutions to support their work and improve maternity care for all.

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