Successful Launch of INFANT-Guardian®

It has been an extremely busy few weeks following the successful launch of K2’s ground-breaking technology INFANT-Guardian® and we have been delighted with the response and interest this has generated. This has proved to be our biggest ever initiative and K2 have reached out to interested parties with over 1500 mailings and correspondence, which includes a mammoth 149 hospitals in the UK alone!

K2 are looking forward to taking INFANT-Guardian® on the road over the coming weeks for hands-on demonstrations of this exceptional technology and show customers and users how this comprehensive, paperless and supportive risk management system can work for them.

Shown to reduce stillbirths and brain damage at birth by more than HALF, when compared to traditional methods of monitoring and care, INFANT-Guardian® gives midwives, clinicians, mothers and babies an unprecedented level of monitoring and oversight that has been proven to significantly improve birth outcomes.

To view INFANT-Guardian® in your own hospital contact us directly to arrange a demonstration, or catch us at one of our K2 User Groups running all over the UK from this July.

For more information on where to see this cutting-edge technology in action, contact us.