Six ways remote observation monitoring saves staff time

We’re all searching for ways to save time while still performing our jobs as well, if not better than before. Remote observation monitoring is one such solution to this problem, and can ensure pregnant women receive the best possible care while greatly easing pressure for clinicians.

We’ve gathered together just six ways that remote observation monitoring can save staff time compared to traditional monitoring.

1. Face-to-face appointments only when absolutely necessary

Women at risk of high blood pressure or who have gestational diabetes are normally advised to attend hospital appointments two to three times per week for routine monitoring. Using a smartphone app like K2 Hampton, pregnant women can have their blood pressure, urine protein, blood glucose and more remotely monitored while at home or work. The app uses artificial intelligence to give immediate feedback to the woman about her condition and also relays the results to midwives in hospitals who can further assess them and make informed decisions. This has been shown to reduce hospital visits by up to 50%.

2. Act on out of range results much faster

A study by the University of London found that the incidence of clinically significant hypertension based on clinic blood pressure measurements was four to five times higher than when based on home blood pressure measurements. Measuring their blood pressure in a setting where they feel relaxed means that women will be less likely to exhibit an elevated blood pressure level, ensuring readings are more consistently accurate. K2 Hampton has a dedicated clinical interface where the data can be monitored in real-time, creating an alert when women enter an out of range value, so that, when necessary, they can be followed up on much faster.

3. Review observation histories quickly and easily

When using a digital solution to monitor observations, all results and notes are stored electronically. This allows you to quickly call them up when needed without the need to rifle through notes which carries the all-too-common risk of overlooking something. Centralising this information, which only needs to be entered once, allows you to instantly review observation histories and view incoming results in real-time.

4. Access results anywhere

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to access patient information remotely has become increasingly essential. Using a solution like K2 Hampton, not only can women receive instantaneous notifications relating to their care, clinicians who might be shielding or isolating can also access results anywhere and continue to deliver care remotely.

5. Free up space in triage & clinics

The urgent care settings are designed for those most at need, and anything that can focus that effort must be encouraged where possible. Women who are coming into triage or day assessment to have observations taken that they could easily perform themselves are using resources in these settings that are already stretched. When women have the right tools to manage their own care, this leaves you as a clinician free to focus on the women who need you most.

K2 Hampton also offers the ability to reduce the number of clinic visits where necessary. If a woman is managing her care well and can be consulted easily over the phone, or alternatively can be considered for a reduction in appointments, this can save time and focus efforts in the clinic to reduce waiting times for women who need to come in.

6. Change medications more rapidly

Some K2 Hampton hospitals have been able to tweak the medication a woman is on without her having to come into the hospital. By looking at the trends they are able to better anticipate whether or not the medication doses are appropriate and advise changes if required.

The above benefits have contributed to clinicians who have been using K2 Hampton saving 7897 hours to date*. Click here to learn more about K2 Hampton and how it can ensure your time is spent in the most valuable way. 

* Figure accurate as of February 2021