K2 PTP™ (Perinatal Training Programme)

  • Intrapartum Intermittent Auscultation
  • Acid Base & Fetal Physiology
  • Cardiotocography
  • Errors & Limitations in Fetal Monitoring
  • Training Simulator
  • Antenatal CTG: The Non Stress Test
  • Assessment Tool
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Breech
  • Antepartum Haemorrhage (APH)
  • Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH)
  • Maternal Collapse
  • Uterine Rupture/Inversion
  • Cord Presentation & Prolapse
  • Pre-Eclampsia

Knowledge Base


PTP includes 16 Chapters of expert content, as well as training simulators and a Competency Assessment Tool (CAT) to test the skills of the user and monitor progress using real-life cases and scenarios. The PTP knowledge base covers two main sections Fetal Monitoring Training and Maternity Crisis Management Training

Fetal Monitoring Training Chapters: Maternity Crisis Management Training Chapters:
Fetal Physiology Shoulder Dystocia
Intrapartum CTG Breech
Intermittent Auscultation Postpartum Hæmorrhage
Cord Blood Gas Maternal Collapse including Sepsis
Antenatal CTG Pre-Eclampsia & Eclampsia
Errors and Limitations in Fetal Monitoring Uterine Rupture/lnversion
Fetal Blood Sampling Cord Presentation and Prolapse
Plus: Antepartum Haemorrhage
CTG Training Simulator Human Factors & Patient Safety
CTG Assessment Simulator

With assessments available for each chapter, the Perinatal Training Programme (PTP) offers a unique approach to test knowledge and understanding so that the very highest standards are attained and maintained.

The PTP Simulator


K2 has developed a comprehensive, unique database of over a thousand real world cases with a full range of normal and abnormal outcomes. The PTP Simulator fully embraces national and international guidelines and features exciting functionality and management options.  It offers users the chance to review these cases and practice their skills of physiological CTG interpretation to decide, blind to outcome, how the cases should be managed.

The PTP Simulator enables the user to work through a case with feedback given at each step of their interpretation and management.  The PTP Assessment Simulator allows the user to manage a randomly assigned case; once completed, individual feedback is provided allowing the user to fully assess their core knowledge and understanding to improve skills.

Available within the Perinatal Training Programme, the K2 Simulator includes cases from a unique database of thousands of interesting, abnormal, rare and thought provoking CTGs; all of which allow the user to examine and review real cases, test their skills and decide outcome, reflecting real life practice.

Simulator Features:

  • Embracing NICE guidelines
  • New functionality and management options to allow better reflection of user decisions
  • Encompassing K2’s CTG analysis software, INFANT®, for interpretations and comparisons
  • Score and compare interpretations with INFANT and EXPERT
  • Offers an Assessment mode to review cases in a classroom environment, without feedback from INFANT and EXPERT
  • Previous classifications and scores are recorded for future review, including those from group training sessions.

CTG Classification

Competency Assessment Tool (CAT)


With each PTP chapter there is a corresponding assessment with individual feedback to identify areas of recommended re-learning.  K2 Administrators have the option to add their own questions just for their staff.

K2 Administrators can review all progress, results and completions at the touch of a button for the organisation or individual.  All reports can be saved and printed as required.  The Administrator is always able to view compliance and competency of their staff.

Assessment and Reporting Features include:

Fetal Physiology Shoulder Dystocia
Cord Blood Gas Breech
Intrapartum CTG Antepartum and Postpartum Haemorrhage
Errors and Limitations in Fetal Monitoring Maternal Collapse (including Sepsis)
Antenatal CTG Uterine Rupture/Inversion
Intrapartum Intermittent Auscultation Cord Presentation and Prolapse
Fetal Blood Sampling Pre-Eclampsia


INFANT Interpretation



The importance of training in fetal heart rate monitoring interpretation has long been recognised, and national guidance recommends that training in CTG interpretation be available to staff involved in the management of labour. Used in over 80% of UK hospitals, and with over 250,000 users worldwide, the benefits offered by the PTP are extensive:

  • Users learn at their own speed
  • Progress is saved and bookmarked automatically
  • Assess users with the Competency Assessment Tool (CAT)
  • Support physiological based CTG interpretation learning with the Training Simulator
  • Test CTG interpretation with the Assessment Simulator
  • A choice of NICE, FIGO or Physiological guidelines
  • National and international guidance and recommendations included and updated regularly
  • Individual or discounted group licences available
  • Audit and administrator functionality to view individual or group user progress
  • Plan and tailor staff learning using K2’s Learning Pathways
  • New content added regularly
  • User feedback and evidence of Training Reports sent biannually
  • Certificates issued on successful completion of each learning chapter
  • Successful completion counts towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points
  • Addresses recommendations of the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle v2 Element 4


Management Options

PTP for staff or Individual Training


K2 PTP may be purchased on behalf of an entire hospital’s perinatal staff. The cost of a site licence is proportional to the number of deliveries in the hospital. Hospital licences come with extensive Administrator tools for user progress reporting and tailored training options. 

PTP is also available for individual training. Individual may click on the PTP link provided on the webpage. Once registered, secure login details are emailed to the user, who may then log in and begin training with PTP. If the user is part of a hospital that has purchased a group licence, the user may link the individual account to the hospital account.




We love to receive your feedback, here are a few recent comments about K2 PTP

“K2 is a fantastic platform it offers an easy to follow explanation and a step-by-step guidance; this is much needed in our practice as we are very new to CTG and its use. I gained a more in depth understanding of fetal physiological and pathological changes and how that is reflected on CTG and its interpretations. The interactive way K2 presents this information, via questions, answers and discussion with the opportunity to repeat, keeps the learners interested and ‘hooked’. “
Dr Z Ghaddah, a specialist in O&G , Overseas

“This is good learning material. Well detailed and very practical.  I will definitely put this to good use in my everyday practice. Thank you.”
Martha Jeche, Midwife, Healthscope Hospitals, Australia

“This is a great educational resource. Easy to follow and clearly explained. Thank you!”
Ghislaine Bowden, Midwife, Princess Royal University Hospital, UK

“What a marvellous training tool: Informative, relevant, easy to navigate, great visuals with occasional humour. An enjoyable way to learn.”
Julie Abson, Midwife, Airedale General Hospital, UK

“The outline is very clear and easy to follow and to understand.  And I found the visual aids are very very helpful in further understanding the conditions.”
Farah Ismadi, Student, University College Cork, Republic of Ireland

“Good training and will help with day to day practice in interpreting CTG.”
Beena Subba, Doctor, North Middlesex University Hospitals, UK

“I enjoy the programme, it is well explained, repetitive when needed, not boring for the student, visual stimulating as well. Very important, you can choose your own time to start or stop. Very memorable examples. It’s perfect!”
Plamena Staneva, Midwife, UK

“Excellent. I just love it.  I would like to have it always as a consultant material.  Everything is so well explained, so detailed.”
Yamilka Echevarria, Nurse, The  Women’s Hospital, Qatar, UAE

“Outstanding training method we need this type of training all the time. Keep it up. It is very much inspiring”
Raffat Bano, Doctor, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

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