PTP Celebrating 200,000 Users Worldwide!

The continual expansion and development of K2’s Perinatal Training Programme ensures this e-Learning resource remains at the top of its game.  Providing comprehensive training in fetal monitoring and maternity crisis management, this award-winning training tool covers a broad spectrum of topics from CTG interpretation and Fetal Physiology through to Shoulder Dystocia and Maternal Collapse.  Coupled with a training simulator and competency assessment tool to test the skills of users and monitor progress using real-life cases and scenarios, it is no wonder the PTP remains a market leader and that K2 are now celebrating the enrolment of its 200,000th PTP user.

With worldwide sales stretching from Australia to the UK, the PTP is providing vital training to doctors, midwives and clinicians across the globe.  At a fraction of the cost of traditional lecture based learning, and removing the need for face-to-face seminars, the PTP provides effective, accessible and comprehensive learning suitable for today’s busy clinician.  Proven to be a sustainable and effective method of learning, the PTP can be accessed via the internet whenever and wherever is convenient for the user.  This convenience and accessibility enables and encourages frequent log on ensuring learning and skills are regularly updated and refreshed in line with local and national guidance.

K2 remain dedicated to the continual growth and development of the PTP.  As well as addressing the causes of poor birth outcomes, up-to-date education and understanding in all aspects of fetal monitoring and maternity crisis management is vital for improving skills and maternity care for all.  With over 200,000 users now registered and using the PTP, K2 are proud to know that clinicians worldwide are continuing to benefit from this accessible, effective and rewarding training system.

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