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The K2 Portal is a unique and exceptional panel PC for medical applications that effortlessly provides users with a fully sealed, wipeable, fan-less, operationally silent and multi-purpose resource; a perfect solution for personal bedside use.

The K2 Portal’s capability for broad connectivity to other medical equipment makes it an invaluable resource that traditional computers and keyboards are unable to provide. With the emphasis firmly on clinical utility and patient safety, the K2 Portal is a true medical device providing high integration and ergonomics; generalisable across all areas of patient care.


K2 Portal™ is a true medical device providing high integration, ergonomics and clinical utility


Entirely designed and developed by K2 Medical Systems, the K2 Portal exhibits an unrivalled design developed for the specialised and demanding clinical environment. Aimed at universal functionality and reducing cross contamination associated with traditional computers, the K2 Portal is unique in its fully sealed, touchscreen, wipe-clean design and has been specifically developed to withstand the rigours of clinical life.

The toughened glass front panel, as well as being easy to clean, is extremely strong and difficult to damage or scratch, ensuring optimal image quality from the display which will not degrade from continual use. The single aluminium cast enclosure is protected with high quality hard gloss paint and is fully sealed to the toughened glass front panel ensuring suitability for use in areas with a high risk of spillages.


The K2 Portal offers users a medical device that not only ensures compliance with all current safety requirements and Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) control measures but provides essential integrated safety features to ensure accurate logon and identification. Optical fingerprint identification for fast, reliable and secure logon is essential for accurate authentication of users, and resolves security issues such as sharing logon details and swipe cards.

Two fully isolated communication interfaces also allow direct and safe connection to other medical and non-medical equipment, and hospital IT networks, ensuring there is no need for individual separation measures within the Patient Environment. Carrying all appropriate regulatory approvals to international Medical Electrical Equipment safety standards and environmental protection ratings, the K2 Portal offers superior design and performance and remains an effective resource and a front-runner in medical technology.


Unique integral sound capabilities allow for a high quality audio sound by using a specially designed audio transducer fixed within the enclosure. This, coupled with a fan-less design and solid state HDD, not only results in silent operation (ideal for the bedside) but eliminates the necessity for the holes and vents required by traditional speakers and fans, which are notorious for harbouring harmful bacteria. Added features, such as the touch screen sensor and on/off controls being situated behind the toughened glass front surface, increase safeguards, and a special purpose sensor is included in the design to ensure no false triggering by cleaning wipes, unintentional touches or spills.


Already installed in hospitals across the globe, the K2 Portal exhibits exceptional functionality and features, and is indispensable for Healthcare Trusts who are bound by strict regulations. With added security measures such as a wipe-clean design, and fingerprint authentication, the K2 Portal increases safety as well as being invaluable for thorough and accurate auditing and governance; essential for achieving high CNST standards. These features reduce the need for costly separation requirements and minimises the costs, both financial and emotional, associated with HAIs.

The K2 Portal offers an opportunity to bring the power of information technology into the clinical environment sensitively and ergonomically and is, without doubt, a unique and unrivalled medical computer geared towards total excellence in the clinical environment.

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K2 INFANT-Guardian® Integration

K2 Portal has been designed to integrate perfectly with K2 INFANT-Guardian® providing the full electronic capture of patient information during childbirth. K2 INFANT® software interprets the antenatal CTG, offering a complete risk management solution to support clinicians, increase communication and reduce poor birth outcomes. For more information, click here

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Technical Specification

Screen 19" standard aspect ratio (1280x1024) with integrated capacitive touch-screen.
PC Chipset 3rd generation Intel® Atom E3845 quad core 1.91 GHz
Audio Internal HDA CODEC with integrated sound transducer/loudspeaker for high quality audio within a sealed enclosure.
Isolated Interfaces For connection to hospital IT networks and fetal monitors without the need for secondary isolation or separation safety measures.  Basic Insulation for 240 V is implemented:
  • Serial (RS232) Port
  • Ethernet Port, 100/1000BaseT
Accessory Interface For robust connection to an optional K2MS keyboard/touchpad accessory.
Disk Drive Internal mSATA SSD (Solid State Drive), accessible under rear access cover.
Fingerprint Reader Optical fingerprint scanner (Secugen® technology).
Environmental IP55 sealed*1 with fully waterproof data and mains power connectors. Suitable for use by birthing pools.
A true ‘wipe-clean’ design with solid toughened glass front.
+10°C to +40°C operational temperature range.
Mechanical 9 kg approximate weight.
100 mm VESA Mount centrally positioned at device rear.
440.9 mm wide, 421.4 mm high, 56.4 mm deep.

K2 Portal Diagram Front Back

Operating System Embedded OS developed by K2MS based on Microsoft® technology.
Data security and virus protection ensured*2.
Wireless Wireless 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth*3 4.0 HS
Internally fitted antenna.
Electrical 110 – 240 Vac
50/60 Hz (110VA)
Class I device for electrical safety (Protective Earth).
Isolation Diagram:

K2 Portal Electroical Isolation Diagram

Internal PSU Features internal super-capacitors energy store to keep device powered and operational during short-term power outages of 20-30 seconds.
Keyboard Accessory (Optional) Keyboard with trackpad accessory together with a mount for attachment to the K2 Portal ensuring ergonomic use.

Download Keyboard Datasheet.

K2 Portal Keyboard Mount Diagram

Cables Rugged Ethernet/network cables.
Serial data cables for connection between the K2 Portal and 3rd party fetal monitors or CTG machines.
Approvals CE Marked Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
WEEE Directive 2002/66/EC
BS EN 60601-1:2006
Medical electrical equipment. Part 1.
General requirements for safety.
BS EN 60601-1-2:2007 Medical electrical equipment. Part 1-2.
Electromagnetic compatibility - Requirements and tests.
BS EN 62366-1:2015 Medical Devices Part 1: Application of Usability Engineering to Medical Devices. 
Compatible Mounting solutions

Download PDF

K2MS offer a range of high quality mounting solutions:
Wall Mounts Height adjustable, articulated arms.
Carts Available for using the K2 Portal with, or without, a 3rd party fetal monitor.

Height adjustable option for superior user ergonomics also offered.

Specification subject to change without notice *1 Designed for IP65 compliance *2 The embedded operating system ensures data security and protection from virus and malware threats by strict control of data access and write privileges. *3 Bluetooth operation subject to operating system restrictions

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