Liverpool Women’s Hospital Choose Athena EPR

Immensely proud to be leading Digital Maternity within the UK and across the globe, K2 have worked tirelessly to bring comprehensive and ground-breaking products and solutions to the very forefront of maternity services; supporting hospitals and Trusts to provide the very safest care and realise the vision set out by Better Births.

Recognising K2’s extensive product capabilities, and the commitment to supporting maternity transformation, it is with the utmost delight that Liverpool Women’s Hospital have now chosen to appoint K2 as the suppliers for their new Maternity Electronic Patient Health Record (ePHR).  Already long-time established users of K2 Guardian Intrapartum Care solution, K2 are delighted that a full end-to-end K2 Athena system will now be installed at Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust; to drive their Digital Maternity services and support healthcare teams to provide the safest possible maternity care.

K2 Athena provides the ultimate in clinical utility and offers comprehensive organisational and clinical benefits to meet the vision and requirements for today’s demanding multi-disciplinary healthcare setting.  Offering an unrivalled breadth of service covering the entire pregnancy and birth journey, Athena captures complete patient data from the initial self-referral to postnatal care completely and electronically into one single, seamless database.  Accessed anywhere, anytime, this complete, standardised and structured patient information not only facilitates instantaneous accessibility, increased communication and ease of audit and data submission for the healthcare team, but also provides a complete Personal Health Record (PHR) solution for women to ensure direct communication and personalised care at all times.

K2 are proud to be leading the Digital Maternity field and are delighted to be continuing to work alongside Liverpool Women’s Hospital who will now join fellow customers that, from the advantages and benefits Athena has brought, have been able to embrace the Maternity Transformation Programme with ease.  This prestigious and internationally recognised hospital, that sees over 8500 births a year, will see comprehensive valued benefits and definable results that will support their team and drive the next phase of their digital development.

For more information on how your Trust can also benefit from K2’s advancements in Electronic Maternity Patient Health Records contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 01752 397800.