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Little Things and Co. was created in 2013 after its founder, LeighAnne Wright, had a profound encounter at work. Funeral Director, LeighAnne, met a family who had suffered the death of their little boy at 21 weeks gestation.

The family were upset they had no clothing small enough for the little boy to wear. So, with limited sewing skills, LeighAnne made a small vest for him. The response from the family was astounding. They were so grateful he had the dignity of being dressed before he was laid to rest.

Realising there was a need for such tiny clothing, LeighAnne began work to dress other babies, taking to social media with her quest. The group rapidly grew with volunteers helping and more and more babies being dressed.

Through this work, it became apparent that there were other gaps in support within Plymouth, so LeighAnne decided to expanded the services.

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Little Things and Co. became a registered charity in 2016 and, in a very short space of time, have transformed bereavement support for those who have suffered a loss. Some of the services are used nationwide, however, the charity's current primary focus is within Plymouth.

Having built 'Little Haven', a memorial garden at Plymouth's Derriford Hospital, as well as providing a monthly support group, practical items for funerals, literature, peer support and community projects, the charity has grown exponentially.


Although the name suggests a small charity, Little Things have big plans. The face of baby bereavement support in Plymouth needs drastic improvement and it is Little Things' mission to effect these changes.

The Bereavement Support Officer is a full time position the charity are keen to establish. The role would mean one-to-one support for families, advice and guidance on funerals and the confusing process around post postmortems. It would also mean providing advice on the inquest procedure, the pitfalls of life after loss and truly understanding the bereaved parent and their family.

It’s a huge task to fund raise for such an important role but, with the passion, desire and drive Little Things exhibit, it will doubtlessly be achieved.

Donate towards K2 & Little Things' joint vision to provide Plymouth with quality, full time bereavement care

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