Athena’s Antenatal & Community Module Live at Leeds

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust continues to benefit from the comprehensive advantages in data capture, communication and accessibility that K2 Athena provides.  From the successful go-live at Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s University Hospital in June of this year, K2 are proud to announce that Leeds has now expanded their already extensive Maternity Management System with K2 Athena’s Antenatal Component.

With Athena already providing Leeds with an unparalleled level of service through labour and delivery and postnatal care, this Electronic Health Record (EHR) software will now provide these busy maternity units with a community module that will facilitate the safe capture of all antenatal patient notes: all initial booking details, all antenatal investigations and observations, crucial examination details such as pressure ulcer risk assessments, as all well all clinic, consultation and inpatient stay data.  Seamlessly integrating with both hospital systems and NHS Digital services, Athena now enables the capture of the full Electronic Patient Record (EPR), contemporaneously and at the point of care, throughout the entire pregnancy care pathway.

Leeds continues to focus on the benefits Athena is bringing to their busy teams and the final phase of the project will see the go-live of Women’s ‘hand-held’ maternity notes; allowing Women to view their Electronic Personal Health Record (ePHR) on a PC, laptop or mobile device.  K2 Athena is proud to meet the vision and requirements for today’s multi-disciplinary clinical setting, and K2 are committed to supporting the dedicated teams at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as they continue to work hard to provide the very best in maternity care.

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