K2 Take INFANT-Guardian® to Amsterdam

Following the recent release of K2 INFANT-Guardian®, K2 were delighted to be able to attend the British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society conference last month where this newest technological advancement in maternity healthcare could be fully presented to the visiting attendees.

Found to reduce stillbirths during childbirth by a factor of FOUR and reduce the numbers of babies born brain damaged by HALF, compared to those obstetric units that do not have the K2 technology, INFANT-Guardian® has been expertly designed to address two significant problems in the care of women during labour that can lead to poor birth outcomes. And, having been a supporter of the BMFMS conferences for many years, it was a great pleasure to once again be part of this prestigious event and to be able to use this forum to introduce INFANT-Guardian® to current customers and new interested parties alike.

K2 have spent nearly 30 years researching and developing ground-breaking innovations to help solve two major issues that countless maternity reviews have highlighted as areas that need significant improvement.

  • Problem 1 is that care of a woman during labour is usually delegated to a single clinician who is responsible for interpreting the wellbeing of mother and baby. This over reliance on one individual, often the most junior or newly qualified, sets up a single point of failure and problems can be missed, and appropriate staff not informed, resulting in poor outcomes for mother and baby.
  • Problem 2 is that interpretation of the fetal heart rate monitoring during labour is difficult, even with training, and errors of interpretation can lead to poor outcomes that affect up to 800 babies a year in the UK who are stillborn or who suffer catastrophic brain damage.

With INFANT-Guardian®, however, this figure can be significantly reduced. This combined technology not only captures all information and care at the bedside and projects this data out of the birth room to ensure there is always senior staff oversight, but it also diagnoses fetal condition, to the level of an expert, by analysing and interpreting the fetal heart rate monitoring during labour continuously, 24 hours a day, and raises alerts appropriately if risk is identified.

With INFANT® as the expert in fetal heart rate monitoring at the bedside, and Guardian™ as the communicator, INFANT-Guardian® has been shown to promote patient safety and support and empower clinicians to aid the reduction of poorest birth outcomes across every hospital.

Proven to reduce the number of poorest outcomes by more than HALF, and having already received such positive interest in INFANT-Guardian® from customers and delegates at the first European BMFMS conference in Amsterdam, K2 are looking forward to taking this fully evaluated, paperless and comprehensive risk management strategy to customers, and to continue to reduce poorest birth outcomes across the globe.

Learn more about this exciting and ground-breaking technology, and how it can support and protect your hospital.