Aga Khan Foundation Receives Perinatal Training Programme Sponsorship

K2 are proud to work alongside hospitals, clinicians, charities and health commissions across the globe; sharing a goal to improve child birth and maternity care for all.  It is with this mission in mind that K2 are delighted to now be working alongside the Aga Khan Foundation in Kenya, having agreed sponsorship of the award winning Perinatal Training Programme.

The Aga Khan Foundation, established in 1967, is an international development agency that aims to provide long term solutions to problems such as poverty, healthcare and education in the poorest parts of South and Central Asia, East and West Africa, as well as the Middle East.  With rural and remote areas given particular attention, the Foundation collaborates with local, national and international partners to find sustainable solutions to continuing societal challenges.

With a particular focus to support pregnant women, mothers, babies and young children, the Foundation’s AQCESS project (Access to Quality Care through Extending and Strengthening Health Systems) has set out to improve the health of women and young children in Kenya, Mali, Mozambique and Pakistan.  Working on improving existing selected health facilities, and improving the quality of care by training clinicians and staff, the Aga Khan Foundation is working hard, alongside the Ministry of Health and other network agencies, to undertake health promotion and improve the availability of health services for pregnant women.

K2 are delighted to assist with this vital project by providing access to the Perinatal Training Programme (PTP) to improve the knowledge and test the skills of clinicians who are working hard within Kenya to deliver and improve maternity care.  The PTP will provide a vital addition to their existing e-Learning platform with essential education in Fetal Monitoring and Maternity Crisis Management; as well as provide assessment mechanisms to fully assess their understanding and advise on areas of re-learning.  Chapters such as Fetal Physiology, CTG Interpretation, Pre-Eclampsia and Breech, to name but a few, will provide invaluable learning and will allow access to a unique teaching facility already used by over 200,000 clinicians worldwide.

The AQCESS project is set to run for four years and K2 wish all the team and clinicians working hard to ensure the success of this vital undertaking the very best of luck with all their endeavours.  By working together, and supporting projects such as AQCESS, global improvements in maternity care cannot fail to be seen.  K2 has always, and will always, be committed to improving maternity care for all and are proud to be sponsoring the vital work taking place in Kenya.

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