K2 Guardian™ Celebrates 100th Site

It is proving to be a hugely dynamic and exciting year for K2 with so much going on for all divisions of the company across the UK, Australia and the USA; and the continued development and progression for the company does not seem to be lessening as K2 now celebrates the 100th site who will soon be able to benefit from the UK’s leading electronic patient record system, K2MS Guardian™.

Guardian’s journey has been very gratifying for K2.  We have seen how the product has grown from its first release to UCL in 2003 in to its current 100th installation at Countess of Chester Hospital.  Guardian™ stands today as an invaluable clinical resource which supports clinicians, promotes patient safety and provides essential efficiency, reliability, traceability and accessibility to the clinical community.  Guardian™ offers a complete risk management strategy for labour and delivery and leads the market, not just in the UK and Australia, but also anywhere in the World.  Guardian™ truly is a World Class product.

Able to capture all patient notes, such as CTGs, partograms, observations and test results in a single, seamless database, contemporaneously and at the point of care, Guardian™ is able to transmit this information, in real-time, within or outside the delivery suite to enhance communication and senior staff oversight, reduce human error and promote patient safety.  With the exceptional data collection and reporting capabilities Guardian™ exhibits it is no wonder that 100 sites have now chosen to install Guardian™ to support their clinicians, empower users and increase patient safety; and we look forward to welcoming Countess of Chester Hospital, our 100th site, for their official installation and go-live of this pioneering product.

UK to Australia, K2MS Guardian™ is providing an invaluable and innovative solution for maternity care.  And now, in addition, K2 is able to offer the unique and breakthrough INFANT® technology, computer interpretation of the fetal heart rate, to further enhance the capabilities of Guardian™ and to ensure it continues to lead in its field.

Learn more about INFANT® and Guardian® and how these ground-breaking technologies can benefit your hospital, clinicians and patients here.