Intermittent Auscultation Chapter Released on K2 PTP™

The Perinatal Training Programme supports over 180,000 clinicians worldwide and K2 remain dedicated to the continued development of this award winning e-learning system. Already offering essential chapters on fetal monitoring and maternity crisis management, this invaluable resource now sees the inclusion of a NEW learning chapter on Intrapartum Intermittent Auscultation. Addressing the recommendations of the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle, and only available on the NEW HTML version of the PTP, this exciting new chapter covers topics such as the link between fetal heart rate and fetal well-being, the direct and indirect methods and limitations of Intermittent Auscultation, as well as determining the fetal position and process of IA. A comprehensive chapter detailing vital learning for a thorough understanding and appreciation of the subject.

Presenting regular new content and features, the PTP remains at the top of its game. K2 are proud to know that the Perinatal Training Programme is the only training provider to offer such a comprehensive depth of learning and assessment.

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