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What is Guardian™?

What is Guardian™? video

How does INFANT® work?

How does INFANT® work? video

The INFANT® Study

The INFANT® Study video
  • FOUR TIMES FEWER stillbirths than a hospital without INFANT-Guardian®
  • LESS THAN HALF the numbers of brain damaged babies compared with UK Hospitals that do not use INFANT-Guardian®
  • LESS THAN HALF the numbers of poorest outcomes compared to UK Obstetric Units that do not use INFANT-Guardian®
  • INFANT-Guardian® has been found to significantly reduce the occurrence of abnormal CTG patterns of serious concern
  • INFANT-Guardian® delivers a low risk environment for high risk births
  • INFANT-Guardian® brings a proven expert in CTG interpretation to every bedside working 24 hours a day
  • The immediate treatment costs of one brain damaged baby avoided would pay for INFANT-Guardian® for a year
  • Just one litigation case avoided would pay for every hospital in the UK to have INFANT-Guardian®

INFANT-Guardian® is Smart Prevention: Saving Lives AND Saving Money

Countless maternity reviews and confidential enquiries have identified that human errors and mis-interpretation of the fetal heart rate monitoring are preventing improvements in perinatal outcome. Up to 800 babies a year are stillborn or suffer catastrophic brain damage a year in the UK, with £500m being spent annually by the National Health Service to fund medical malpractice claims.


Babies a year are stillborn or suffer catastrophic brain damage a year in the UK.


is spent annually by the NHS to compensate babies born brain damaged following negligent care.


is the average treatment cost per brain damaged baby. One baby saved would pay for INFANT-Guardian® for two years in most hospitals.


Savings to the NHS when just one clinical negligence claim is avoided.


  • The immediate treatment costs per brain damaged baby is greater than £200,000. One baby saved would pay for INFANT-Guardian® for two years in most hospitals.
  • Clinical staff costs and legal services staff costs saved as a result of fewer serious case reviews in relation to stillbirths, neonatal deaths and brain damaged babies.
  • INFANT-Guardian® generates 100% accurate Payment By Results ensuring hospitals maximise their income.

Six reasons why INFANT-Guardian® should be in your Maternity Unit

Reduces Poor Outcomes by 50%

INFANT-Guardian® achieves the Government mandate to the NHS to reduce poor outcomes by 50% by 2030*


INFANT-Guardian® Complies with the requirements of the NHS ‘Saving Babies’ Lives – A Care Bundle for Reducing Stillbirth’*

Improves Communication

INFANT-Guardian® Addresses the key findings related to improving communication highlighted in the National Maternity Review by Baroness Cumberlege*

Paperless Clinical Record

INFANT-Guardian® achieves the stated aim of the Health Secretary to provide a paperless care environment in Labour and Delivery

Increases Vigilance

INFANT-Guardian® increases senior staff oversight and vigilance that addresses the key findings of The Report of the Morecombe Bay Investigation*

Improves the Standard

INFANT-Guardian® improves the standard of fetal heart rate monitoring, an objective of the NHS Litigation Authority Report*

INFANT-Guardian Product Details

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What is INFANT®?What is Guardian®?

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