INFANT-Guardian­® Released to Market

Following publication in The Lancet, a major breakthrough in fetal monitoring found to reduce stillbirths.

But what is INFANT-Guardian®? INFANT-Guardian® is a combined technology. INFANT® is computer interpretation of fetal heart rate monitoring during labour. It has taken almost 30 years to develop and evaluate. INFANT® effectively puts a proven expert in fetal monitoring at every bedside 24 hours a day to interpret every minute of fetal heart rate recording obtained. INFANT® diagnoses fetal condition to the standard of an expert. Guardian™ captures all information and care at the bedside within the delivery room and projects this information out of the birth room and around the hospital. Guardian™ is the communicator. Guardian™ ensures that senior staff at central locations, in their offices or on call in their homes can have oversight of all care taking place on labour ward, for low risk and high risk women.

INFANT-Guardian® has been thoroughly evaluated in an NHS funded trial that recruited 47,000 births across the UK and Ireland. The results, now published in The Lancet, show that the model of care practised in the INFANT® Study led to very low incidences of poorest perinatal outcomes. The incidence of stillbirth observed in the study was 4 TIMES FEWER than expected, with just 0.6 per 10,000 births compared to 2.6 per 10,000 births in UK Obstetric units that do not have INFANT-Guardian®; the incidence of brain damage was less than HALF, with 0.78 per 1000 births compared to the expected figure of 2.0 per 1000; and the overall combined incidence of poorest perinatal outcomes was less than HALF that found in UK Obstetric units using conventional monitoring.

The government has mandated that poorest perinatal outcomes be reduced by 50% by 2030. INFANT-Guardian® already achieves this goal and can help to support every Trust to reduce this figure further and significantly cut the tragic loss of life and suffering. By increasing senior staff oversight and vigilance, and by putting an expert in CTG interpretation at every high risk bedside, monitoring, analysing and working 24 hours a day, INFANT-Guardian® can support and empower clinicians and also protect the Health Service from continual financial burden. Just one litigation case avoided would pay for every hospital in the UK to have INFANT-Guardian®!

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