INFANT-Guardian® Live at Mater Mother’s in Brisbane, Australia

K2 are delighted to announce that INFANT-Guardian® has now been live at Mater Mother’s Hospital in South Brisbane for 6 months.  Already live in UK hospitals, K2 are proud that healthcare services in Australia have also recognised the value and benefit of installing the very latest in maternity healthcare technology; helping to deliver the very safest environment in which to give birth.

Mater Mother’s is one of the largest and most experienced maternity services providers in Australia and delivers over 10,000 babies each year.  With state-of-the-art facilities, integrated services and dedicated staff and healthcare teams, Mater Mother’s maintains high quality maternity services for women and families across Queensland. K2 have been working with Mater Hospitals for over 8 years to support and deliver innovative solutions in maternity care.  Through the use of K2 Guardian, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for labour and delivery, Mater has been able to effortlessly capture all patient information at the bedside on a single, seamless database.  All notes such as CTGs, partograms, investigations and results are collected and can be shown in real-time within, or outside, the delivery suite enhancing communication to reduce human error and improve patient care.

It is within this setting that K2 are thrilled to announce that Mater Mother’s has now chosen to upgrade their facilities by installing the INFANT algorithm within their Guardian setup.  INFANT, the computer interpretation of electronic fetal heart rate monitoring during labour, has taken almost 30 years to develop and evaluate.  Able to analyse the fetal heart rate and raise alerts if, and when, necessary, INFANT effectively puts a proven expert in fetal monitoring at EVERY bedside, 24 hours a day, to interpret EVERY minute of fetal heart rate recording.

This combined technology, which saw rigorous testing in the largest NHS funded trial across the UK and Ireland, was shown to produce the very lowest incidences of poorest perinatal outcome.  The trial observed that the INFANT-Guardian model of care produced 4 times fewer stillbirths than expected, the incidence of brain damage was less than half that expected, and the combined incidence of poorest perinatal outcome was less than half that found in UK Obstetric units using conventional monitoring.  With these improvements in outcome achievable, K2 are delighted that Mater Mother’s recognises the exceptional risk management strategy INFANT-Guardian brings. K2 passionately believes that, together, INFANT-Guardian will not only meet but exceed their expectations.

K2 are incredibly proud to be supporting Mater Mother’s with their exceptional work and are confident that INFANT-Guardian will empower users, women and their families to better support care and promote patient safety.

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