Continued NMBI Approval for K2 PTP™

K2 have been working alongside the 19 maternity hospitals within the Republic of Ireland by providing products and services to support, develop and further the knowledge of clinicians for over 15 years. And it is with great delight that we have received confirmation that K2 can continue to work in partnership with these hospitals following renewed Category 1 approval for the Perinatal Training Programme from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.

The NMBI place stringent checks on all products and services used within the maternity healthcare sector and K2 are proud to have, once again, successfully filled all necessary criteria and assessments to gain approval for a further two years.

The PTP continues to go from strength to strength and sees constant development and enhancement with the latest learning and guidelines to keep this training programme at the forefront of maternity education and assessment.  Containing recently updated chapters on Fetal Physiology and Cord Blood Gas, a new assessment tool for all chapters, as well as enhanced reporting capabilities for system administrators, the PTP remains a comprehensive learning tool and an invaluable resource for the new trainee and the experienced clinician alike.

With the on-going support of the NMBI, K2 look forward to continuing to support the maternity healthcare professionals within Ireland by ensuring they benefit from the very latest in fetal monitoring and maternity crisis management training.

Learn more about the Perinatal Training Programme, and the benefits in learning and assessment it can provide, or email K2 at [email protected].