Chesterfield Go Live with K2 Athena™ in the Community

It has been great working alongside Chesterfield Royal Hospital again recently to ensure the final touches to their Athena™ update went smoothly. Customers since 2014, Chesterfield have been working hard to ensure the smooth installation of Athena’s community solution that will now enable their six community bases to connect directly to the hospital and give women their very own electronic Personal Health Record (ePHR). Using K2 technology to give them a secure and powerful connection, clinicians and healthcare professionals can use a PC, laptop or handheld device to access and feed directly into the Athena™ database and full electronic patient record for each pregnant woman registered to their care.

The first fully paperless maternity system, Athena™ offers an entirely new approach to health records giving hospitals and women a true electronic Personal Health Record, replacing handwritten notes completely. From initial registration of the mother in the community, through to labour and delivery and postnatal care, Athena™ offers a breadth of service and integration unsurpassed in the current maternity healthcare market. Using a single database, and linking seamlessly with medical device equipment, Athena™ offers a continuous system, no joins or gaps in the data and no internal interfacing, that ensures accuracy of data, full data entry compliance and effortless governance. Even when no internet connection is available, patient notes can still be still be modified offline and synchronised with the master notes when connectivity is regained. Athena™ facilitates the patient consultation, captures all interactions and ensures the integrity of the data is maintained at all times.

K2 are committed to an approach that sees every Trust realise their full compliance and adherence to local specifications and, as such, we have ensured that Athena™ is able to be fully customised. K2 look forward to continuing to assist Chesterfield as they build a system that caters for all their local requirements and know Athena™ will continue to provide them with a comprehensive risk reduction technology that brings hospital and national care bundles to the very point of care.

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