New Rolling Learning Pathway helping to ensure your maternity unit meets Saving Babies’ Lives Element 4 criteria

Even the most organised of maternity units find it a challenge to ensure staff are 100% compliant at all times. Here at K2, we are still the largest provider of online CTG training in the UK, keeping us in constant contact with midwives and clinicians across the country. Ensuring annual mandatory learning is up-to-date is a common issue we are often informed of during our frequently-run user group meetings.

This shared frustration compelled us to develop the new rolling pathway function for the K2 Perinatal Training Programme (PTP) interactive e-learning tool. As before, administrators can tailor the package for up to two-and-a-half days of training to produce a bespoke To Do List for each staff group. However, with this unique new feature you can now set a rolling time period for completion as opposed to a fixed start and end date.

Why does this matter?

All Trusts must adhere to the NHS Saving Babies’ Lives care bundle which lays out requirements for staff to refresh certain training within a designated time period. In England, staff are required to complete these elements within a 12-month period while in Scotland there’s a 24-month requirement.

With the new rolling pathways, K2 administrators can set custom reminders for specific elements of learning. This will help to ensure staff complete mandatory training within that 12 or 24 month period and ensures that the Trust is always compliant with NHS Saving Babies’ Lives criteria and NHS Scotland’s requirements.

Once the time period has been set, reminders are automatically emailed to users to notify them that they are due to complete training and take a competency test. This notification is also displayed on the right-hand side of the homepage when they login to K2 PTP. Not only is this automation an enormous time saver for administrators, being able to prove compliance will help the Trusts meet with CNST requirements.

How do the new Rolling Pathways work?

PTP administrators still have the option to create the by-now familiar bespoke Learning Pathways, using the function that enables you to select areas of a package you want staff to complete and advise them on when they should complete it by. This can be set up according to a fixed date, duration, or the new rolling feature.

As opposed to the fixed date requirement, which gives you a firm start and end date, the new Rolling Pathway replaces the fixed date with a number of months. Specific elements, such as Intrapartum CTG, Antenatal CTG, and Intermittent Auscultation, can therefore be allocated a rolling deadline to ensure a user completes the learning and assessments within the set number of months. Once completed, the learning is then re-assigned to staff for the same time, thus ensuring staff are always compliant with the Saving Babies’ Lives care bundle.

How is this different from before?

Previously, it was possible for compliance to the Saving Babies’ Lives care bundle to slip through the cracks as staff members will complete their training at different points in the year and therefore be compliant at different times of the year. For example, a staff member who completed training and competency assessments in March 2019 would be compliant until March 2020; however, a member of staff who completed in September 2019 will be compliant until September 2020, when they will need to complete again. Fixed dates, in this example, may therefore not be the best solution for recurring annual training and could result in several months of non-compliance to the Saving Babies’ Lives care bundle.

To solve this issue, many Trusts we have spoken to over the years have been manually keeping track of staff compliance by creating a series of spreadsheets and sending individual emails to inform staff members if a deadline is approaching. The new Rolling Pathway in K2 PTP removes the need to manually monitor staff compliance, automatically notifying users via email and on the To Do List of the homepage when they have a deadline approaching. This will help to ensure continuous mandated compliance for key and fundamental learning.

For their part, administrators are able to see a full list of staff as well as their compliance percentage for each Learning Pathway. K2 also generates six monthly reports for all the sites using the training programme, looking at who has completed training within the last 12 months by doctor, midwife, or student, and displays it on the right-hand side of the administrator homepage. Early feedback has been immensely positive with administrators praising the time saving capabilities of the new functionality.

The Perinatal Training Programme (PTP) is an online, interactive e-learning tool covering a comprehensive array of topics in Fetal Monitoring and Maternity Crisis Management, including Competency Assessments covering all modules. We are continually working to improve and develop K2 PTP in response to the feedback we receive from users. Our dedicated support team is always on-hand to ensure what midwives and clinicians want and need is delivered. Get in touch to discuss K2 PTP in more detail with a member of our team.