Over 230,000 clinicians now using K2’s award-winning training programme

K2 is pleased to announce that two new hospitals and a university have recently begun using our Perinatal Training Programme (PTP), with many hospitals and universities which have benefited from free trial access, preparing to join over the coming months. This brings the number of PTP users to over 230,000 in 24 different countries.

We are continually developing content for our award-winning training system based on feedback received from current users. It remains the UK’s most comprehensive fetal monitoring and maternity crisis management training system and is used by clinicians around the globe.

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the three new sites now benefiting from the advantages of our training system.

University of Chester provides a high quality educational experience in a friendly and supportive environment, helping students to develop into a health care professionals who can make a real difference.

Balfour Hospital in Kirkwall is a rural general hospital managed by NHS Orkney.  It is a six-bedded unit with one delivery room, 8 full-time midwives covering ward shifts, 3 midwifery care assistants, 1 special-interest GP, 1 locum obstetrician and 2 general surgeons who perform cesarean sections. The birth rate on average is 150 per year with 50-60 booked for consultant delivery in Aberdeen each year.

James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Norfolk offers a range of services for women and their families before, during and after birth. The maternity unit offers both low risk midwifery-led care including home birth and birth on the Midwifery-Led Birthing Unit and complex care to women with clinical risk, led by a consultant team managing a team of junior doctors.

With 14 comprehensive chapters, Learning Pathways which can be tailored for staff (including the new Rolling Learning Pathway), CTG training simulator and Competency Assessment Tool, the PTP offers much more than CTG training. Fully meeting the latest FIGO & NICE guidelines, with Rolling Learning Pathways, helping trusts achieve the Saving Babies’ Lives care bundle (Element 4), K2 ensures that PTP is the most relevant and up-to-date training system available in the UK today.

Free trials of K2 PTP are available. Send us an email to enquire.