K2 Hampton™: The survey results are in!

It’s been nearly a year since we launched K2 Hampton, our latest product helping pregnant women remotely manage their blood pressure. Little did we know when we launched that the need for remote care would increase exponentially in 2020 and digital solutions would be adopted at such a rapid pace.

K2 Hampton enables women with hypertension to remotely enter blood pressure and urine protein results from home and work, promoting them to contact their midwife when they enter an out of range result. In 2020 alone, 6656 clinical hours were saved in 2020 thanks to K2 Hampton while women who were using the app recorded nearly 25,000 blood pressures.

We wanted to hear all about how the clinicians who were using the service were finding it, from ease of use to its features and benefits.

Here are the results in brief:

100% of the clinicians surveyed believes that K2 Hampton is beneficial to their department (66.67% strongly agreed; 33.33% agreed). The vast majority (86.33%) report seeing a reduction in the number of appointments allocated to hypertension monitoring since introducing K2 Hampton into their department. 66.67% of the respondents think that the service puts less pressure on their department while 86.67% feel confident when caring for a patient using K2 Hampton.

When asked to share their thoughts, here’s a snapshot of what the clinicians had to say:

“Easy to navigate around”

“Less triage appointments”

“Ability to see all women’s BP readings clearly and trend of BP plotted”

“It’s easy to use for both clinician and woman”

“Allows the ladies to stay at home. Less appointments with CMWs during COVID pandemic. Gives the ladies more involvement and autonomy with their own care.”

“Being able to see daily BP results, checks done at home give better indication than checks done in clinics (no white coat hypertension), able to see a trend really clearly.”

“I can view a patient’s BP from anywhere. Reduces patient’s hospital attendance. Reduces MW face-to-face visits. Reduces workload in Maternity Assessment Centre.”

“Clear guidelines. Traffic light system for when to recheck and when to call etc. as well as asking about symptoms.”

“Simple and effective system. User-friendly. Full tech/info support provided by K2. Cost-effective system.”