Award Winning K2 PTP™ Now Available in HTML

To facilitate easier access to the award winning content of the Perinatal Training Programme, K2 are proud to release a fully updated HTML version of the software that has been designed to enable users to more easily access their learning on mobile and handheld devices. The original Flash version of the software will still be available to select by those users unable to run HTML; however, the new version will offer greater reliability, loading speeds and browser compatibility, enabling the PTP to be available on a much broader spectrum of devices.

As well as offering a better platform for the PTP, the new HTML version also delivers new features to help K2 support users during their learning journey.

• Users may send their feedback on a per page basis to K2, simply by clicking the ‘Provide Feedback’ button from within their training. All our users’ feedback will be reviewed and any necessary actions will be taken with direct correspondence to the user informing them of our thoughts.
• The new updated PTP will also allow users to submit their machine or device profile, so K2 administrators can easily determine what operating system, browser etc a user is working with. This will help enable K2 Support to quickly identify and resolve any problems or queries which individual users may be experiencing.
• We understand how frustrating it is when technology doesn’t work! We have added a little feature to help cut out the technical questions our support team have to ask our users when you require support. One click from our user will send the support team the information they need to help diagnose the cause of the problems and offer a solution quickly.

These upgrades to the Perinatal Training Programme will provide yet further enhancements to this award-winning e-learning system. It will build on existing support structures and enable the K2 team to provide a much more immediate and direct level of assistance to users who experience problems or queries.

The Perinatal Training Programme continues to go from strength to strength and K2 remain committed to the development of the PTP to ensure it always delivers the very best in fetal monitoring and maternity crisis management training.

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