K2 Athena™ - Electronic and Personal Maternity Health Record

Community Antenatal

  • Booking
  • Antenatal Visits
  • GP Access
  • 3rd Party Clinical Access


  • Scanning
  • Care Plans
  • Clinics
  • Admissions
  • Day Assessment

Labour & Delivery


  • Postnatal Wards
  • Discharge

Community Postnatal

  • Postnatal Follow Up
  • Postnatal Visits
  • GP Access
  • 3rd Party Clinical Access

No more paper

The pain of the handwritten record is removed. K2 Athena is the FIRST ever end-to-end Maternity Information System to provide a completely paperless Electronic Maternity Health Record (EHR/EMHR). Athena collects all notes from the entire pregnancy pathway electronically and can therefore provide all patient information to healthcare professionals effortlessly at just the touch of a button.

Captured once

Maternity clinical data is captured once, and once only; contemporaneously at the point of care during the patient interaction, even in emergency situations. There is no need to rely on retrospective entry away from the patient. Athena Maternity System facilitates patient consultation, captures interaction, enhances clinical oversight and communication, helping multi-disciplinary teams plan future care.

Seamless data

Developed entirely by K2 Medical Systems, Athena uses a single database and, by linking seamlessly with medical device equipment and interfacing with other hospital systems, provides accessible data and facilitates contemporaneous workflow. There are no gaps in the data and no internal interfacing is required. An obstetric risk management system, offering a complete solution to patient data capture, Governance and learning.


Invaluable for data capture, efficient auditing, freeing resource and improving patient safety, Athena is fully customisable to local requirements. Facilitating full compliance with Maternity Services Dataset (MSDS), Governance, management of care and the appropriate reimbursement for the services they provide, via Payment by Results (PbR) and Maternity Payment Tariffs, K2 Athena is the complete solution.

  • Enhanced clinical oversight and knowledge sharing allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to care.
  • Collected once, visible everywhere. Athena saves time and money by removing the need for duplication.
  • Risks and referrals are automatically triggered, ensuring consistently high levels of care are provided.
  • Powerful reporting capability ensures auditing is streamlined, accurate and efficient.
  • Standardised data entry offers compliance with National Maternity Data Sets and Schemes.

Integration and Interoperability

Powerful interfaces allow interoperability with key dependent hospital systems, including PAS, Radiology, Pathology, Neonatology

Athena integrates with NHS Digital services, including Birth Notifications, Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) and Safeguarding Services

Breadth of Service

Athena is a collection of fully customisable components which can be combined in their entirety, or connected individually, so each hospital can fully tailor their system to meet local requirements.

  • Community Bookings, Visits and Births
  • Midwifery Units, Community Hubs and Patient Homes
  • Antenatal Clinics
  • Antenatal In-Patient Stays and Day Assessment
  • Remote Interactions, Such as Telephone Helplines
  • Labour and Delivery and Postnatal
  • INFANT® Computer Interpretation of CTGs During Labour
  • Postnatal Stays
  • Postnatal Community Follow up and Discharge


Athena is the complete maternity management system and not only provides efficiency, traceability and accessibility for the complete data capture of the EHR but also offers full compliance against national guidelines and schemes.  These include:

  • Management Plans and Business Intelligence Options – Providing comprehensive solutions for reporting and auditing, ensuring all governance and requirements are met.
  • Care Bundles – Addresses recommendations for local and national guidance, including NHS England’s Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle and Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) guidance.  Continually supporting the improvement in quality and consistent management of care.
  • Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) – Fully compliant with ISB 1513, the national standard for data management within the NHS.  Ensuring the capture of key information at each stage of the Maternity Care Pathway and brings maternity healthcare in line with core structures, managed by NHS Digital.
  • PDS Birth Notifications (formerly NN4B) – Athena allows users to instantly register and obtain NHS numbers for babies and is fully compliant with ISB 1555, the operational information standard for Birth Notifications.

Remote Connectivity

K2 Athena provides powerful, remote data access capability for both clinicians and women.

All clinical records can be exported and synchronised upon re-entry into the hospital network, or offline records created and merged seamlessly with the master record, facilitating efficient community working.

In addition, Athena provides enhanced oversight by allowing clinicians to view all notes and fetal monitoring data remotely, via a secure internet connection, from anywhere in the world.

Women are now empowered to view their handheld maternity notes online. The provision of Athena’s Electronic Personal Health Record (ePHR), ensures data can be accessed instantly, or granted to other healthcare professionals.

Reporting and Auditing

Athena’s capture of the electronic medical record is a fundamental requirement but equally important is the ability to audit and report on the information collected.

K2 have developed an impressive report generating engine. Any report can be constructed for:

  • Audit
  • Governance
  • Process Improvements
  • Clinical Research
  • Management Control

A single database, developed by a single supplier. Seamless system. Seamless care and reporting

INFANT-Guardian® Component Integration

K2 Guardian® component for Labour and Delivery integrates effortlessly in to Athena providing the full electronic capture of patient information during childbirth. And now including the K2 INFANT® software to interpret antenatal CTG; K2 offers a complete risk management solution, providing maternity professionals with the information they need to make better clinical decisions at the point of care.

Learn more about Guardian

Learn more about INFANT

Learn more about Athena

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