Athena™ Incorporates Electronic Personal Health Records

With all NHS services required to move to fully paperless and digitally led systems as a priority, it is now more crucial than ever that healthcare providers address this strategy and offer innovative solutions that present greater standardisation of data, infrastructure and capability, to facilitate the collation and accessibility of data. K2 has spent 30 years working alongside clinicians to design and develop ground-breaking solutions for maternity care, and is proud to be at the forefront of this digital revolution.

This vision for a technology-driven NHS is fast becoming a reality and K2’s Athena™, already live in trusts across the UK, is pioneering this transformation for maternity care. The first truly paperless Electronic & Personal Health Record system (EHR/ePHR) for maternity, Athena offers a seamless product that spans the entire Pregnancy Care Pathway.  All data is collected contemporaneously and at the point of care, wherever that care takes place and allows clinicians access to vital notes instantly. This secure, online, remote access to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) is available 24 hours a day and now, through Athena’s password protected information gateway, the mother-to-be can access her handheld maternity notes online, on any laptop, PC or mobile device. This negates the need for a woman to carry and be responsible for her own clinical notes. Easy, secure logon enables the woman to see an up to date overview of her entire pregnancy record at any time. All details such as Growth Charts, Care Plans, Appointments, Observations and Investigations are available at the touch of a button. Self-help and advisory literature can be uploaded by Trusts, enabling them to build a vital resource pool for patients that can be accessed at any time for information, help or advice.

Athena is the complete risk management maternity system with an unsurpassed breadth of service and integration; and the addition of Mother’s Online Notes is the final step for Trusts and patients to benefit from a totally paperless, accessible and comprehensive solution to maternity care. K2 Athena supports clinicians, empowers women, promotes patient safety and improves maternity care for all.

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