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Dr Robert Keith

"May I first welcome you to the K2 Medical Systems Website, which I hope that you will find interesting. We are an innovation and technology company dedicated to improving maternity care for all; mothers, their babies, midwives and doctors and the hospital and community. We began life as a research group within a busy maternity department in 1989 and started K2 Medical Systems in 1999 to take the proven research to market where its potential could be realised. We commenced the research and have stuck to our vision over the past 28 years because we are passionate about what we do.  

K2 Medical Systems is different. It is a great strength of our company that all employees care deeply about what we do and why we do it. We are an organisation that obviously needs to generate revenue to thrive but it is also true to say that financial objectives are not our primary concern. Our raison d'être has always been, and will always be, to improve care.

I hope that our products and services will be of interest to you and if you would like to offer us some feedback, on any subject, then do please contact us".

Dr Robert Keith

Our Staff

It is a great strength of our company that all employees care deeply about what we do and why we do it. With a large team of Software Developers, Clinical Design Specialists, Project Managers and helpful Support Contacts, your project is in safe hands.

UK Contacts

Ian Crozier - Sales Director

Ian Crozier
Sales Director
+44 (0) 1752 397800 ext. 4854 
+44 (0) 7768 194984

Robert Bawn - Customer Liaison

Robert Bawn
Customer Liaison
+44 (0) 1752 397800 ext. 4853
+44 (0) 7919 811895

Dan Cooper
Customer Relationship Manager
+44 (0) 1752 397800 ext. 4805

Liam Minter - Customer Engineer

Liam Minter
Customer Engineer
+44 (0) 1752 397800 ext. 4852
+44 (0) 7724 955210

Jodie Harper - Customer Support Manager

Jodie Harper
Customer Support Manager
+44 (0) 1752 397800 opt. 1

Jack Philpotts - Clinical Design Leader

Jack Philpotts
Clinical Design Leader
+44 (0) 1752 397800 ext. 4821

Kerri Watson - Office Manager

Kerri Watson
Office Manager
+44 (0) 1752 397800 opt. 2

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K2 are honoured to have been selected as finalists and winners in a number of prestigious awards over the years, and are extremely proud that the hard work and achievements of the K2 team have been recognised by independent, professional bodies and institutions. K2 continue to make significant steps in innovation and technological advance in the healthcare sector and the below awards and accolades show our unrelenting dedication to improving maternity healthcare for patients and clinicians alike.

IET Innovation Winner 2011

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Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2007

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The K2 Story

The Plymouth Perinatal Research Group – 1989 - 1999

The story began when the Plymouth Perinatal Research Group came into being in July 1989 with a vision to look at how new technology could be applied to improve patient monitoring during childbirth. The group had no support funding initially but certainly had the joint good will of Plymouth Hospital’s NHS Trust and the University of Plymouth. The PRG grew to become inter-disciplinary with a mix of doctors, midwives and engineers.

The group developed computer based training software to help improve skills and we commenced development of INFANT®, a decision support system to interpret fetal monitoring in real time and support subsequent clinical management. We also undertook research into umbilical cord blood gas analysis, fetal pulse oximetry and fetal ECG waveform analysis.

The computer based training was evaluated in a scientific controlled trial and was found to be able to significantly improve the knowledge of clinicians. In 1995 an INFANT® prototype went on permanent exhibition at the National Science Museum, London. 

K2 MEDICAL SYSTEMS – 1999 to present day

K2 Medical Systems came into being in August 1999 when the University of Plymouth and Plymouth Hospital’s NHS Trust transferred ownership of all IPR generated by the Perinatal Research Group into the company in return for a small shareholding. The work then commenced to convert the research into real products that could be transferred into clinical practice. We had to learn how to market and sell them, and to run a business that generated enough funds to sustain the required personnel and infrastructure.

Over the years K2 has grown quickly. We now have subsidiary companies in Australia and the USA and have representation on the ground in the Middle East and South Africa. We have customers all around the world using our products from London, New York and Sydney to Shetland Isles, St Helena and Gibraltar.  

The Future

Our work is far from complete. We have a number of development programs underway that we believe will make significant breakthroughs and represent our greatest achievements in both medical software and patient monitoring devices yet. We are committed to continued innovation and look ahead with much excitement at the new developments we have underway.

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K2 Athena provides an electronic Personal Health Record system spanning the whole of pregnancy, covering: Community Services and Remote Connectivity, Antenatal Hospital Services, Labour and Delivery Services, Postnatal Services, Support, CNST and Governance.

K2 INFANT-Guardian® is an intelligent system that offers comprehensive Risk Reduction Technology for Labour and Delivery, ensuring the capture of quality data to hospital and national guidelines, supporting clinicians in best practice so to reduce errors and poor birth outcomes.

K2 PTP (Perinatal Training Programme) is an interactive, online, e-learning tool, offering certification for fetal monitoring  and maternity crisis management, with a CTG training simulator, Competency Assessments and Learning Pathways, enabling tailored learning to improve core knowledge and test skills.